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Creating Qualification Streams

The method to establish multiple versions of a Qualification in VETtrak is to utilise a functionality known as Streams. Using Streams allows you to create variants of an existing Qualification, yet still report the correct details at the time of AVETMISS generation.

Setting up a Qualification Stream

First, you will need to create the Parent Qualification. This is a qualification with all compliant details entered and recorded as required, and will be reported as part of your AVETMISS generations when necessary. (For more information on creating a Qualification, we have a help centre article here: Adding a Course / Qualification)

Once your Qualification is entered, it will appear in your list like so:

You can then create your first Stream, simply by choosing to add a new Qualification and entering some specific information. Right click the Parent Qualification, and choose Duplicate Qualification:

In here, enter a Unique code for the Qualification - as VETtrak cannot utilise duplicate codes, enter something to represent your Stream.
Enter the Stream Name, which will have the variant text you require.

Note: This wizard has an optional area titled Duplicate Linked Units - This function allows you to copy the associated units from the Parent Qualification to your new Stream should you wish. If your Stream will have a unique set of units, feel free to ignore this option.

At the bottom of this wizard, pay special attention to the field that says Report this qualification as - this field is used to tell VETtrak that when you generate your AVETMISS files, to make use of the qualification selected here for any Qualification relevant fields, such as Qualification Code, Name and Recognition Details.

In here, select your Parent Qualification, and select Yes to the alert that appears:

Press Next and Finish.
With this Stream created, it will appear in your Qualification Manager:

You can then feel free to make use of this for Enrolments moving forward.


If you require multiple variants of a particular Parent Qualification, simply repeat the process, being mindful to always select the original Parent Qualification each time.


Utilising Qualification Streams on VETtrak Reports

To make use of Qualification Streams when running VETtrak reports, firstly the report must be designed to detect that you have configured streams.
If you notify our Report Writers that you make use of Streams, we can amend any report you require to display a Qualification Stream's Name when it is users. This is most commonly utilised with Award Reports to display the name you have entered!
For details on submitting a report request, please utilise the following help centre article: Submitting a Report Request

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