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Commencing Status/Commencing Program Identifier

For National and State AVETMISS reporting, a Commencing Program Identifier needs to be set for each enrolment. In VETtrak, this field is available in the Enrolment Wizard, and labelled Commencing Status


The available options for this field are:

  • Commencing enrolment in a qualification or course (3)
    In most cases, if the enrolment commences in the current year, the commencing status should be '3'.
  • Continuing enrolment in the qualification or course from a previous year (4)
    If the enrolment commenced in a previous year, the commencing status should be '4'.
  • Unit of competency or module enrolment only (8)
    If, however the enrolment is not in a national accredited qualification, course or skill set, then the selection should be '8'. 


Enrolments Spanning Multiple Years.

You do not need to manually change each of your enrolments from the 'Commencing' (3) status, to the 'Continuing' (4) status, as when it comes time to generate AVETMISS files, VETtrak has unique validation that will determine what value to report.

When generating State AVETMISS files, if the enrolment start date is in the AVETMISS generation year, VETtrak will automatically report '3'. If the enrolment start date is in a previous year, then VETtrak will change the reported value to '4'. 

Note: For Victorian state AVETMISS generations, the Course Commencement Date (CCD) is used to make this decision, not the enrolment start date.

It is important to note that this change does not actually change the value on the enrolment, all it does is ensure the correct value is populated into the AVETMISS files. This means, if you edit a Victorian enrolment which commenced last year, but still has a 'Commencing Status' of 'Commencing' (3), you will be forced to changed the value to 'Continuing' (4), before you can save your changes. This will be indicated by an error regarding the Purchasing Contract/Commencing Status combination:

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