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Creating Email Templates

VETtrak allows you to set up templates for your emails. This feature can be useful if:

  • You regularly send out similar emails.
  • You want to automatically include certain information in your messages without looking it up.

NOTE: Email templates can only be used when sending via VETtrak's built-in email client.

Merge templates are set up in the Configuration Manager, which can be opened by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menus:

  • Expand Merge templates.
  • Right-click Email templates and choose Add new email template.
  • This will display the Merge Template Wizard:

  • Select the Context for your email message. This will determine what merge fields are available to insert into your message and where the template is available for use.
  • Enter a Name to identify the template.
  • Optionally, enter a Code for the template.
  • Optionally, select a Template Category if you wish to add this to a group of Templates.
  • Optionally, enter Notes about the template. This might include instructions for use, or when and why it was last updated.
  • Enter a Subject for the template, this is the subject line of the message that will be sent.
  • If required, enter a default Reply-to address.
  • If required, enter email addresses to send copies to in the CC Address or click  to open the Add Staff Email Wizette so you do not need to type addresses manually.
  • If required, use BCC Address to enter email addresses to send blind copies or click  to open the Add Staff Email Wizette so you do not need to type addresses manually. Addresses in BCC are hidden from all other recipients.

Now you can being entering the message:

    • Message formatting options are provided under the Home, Extra and Table tabs.
    • The Field List (for type and context) shows the available merge fields. Double-click a merge field to add it into your message at the current cursor position.

      These merge fields will make use of the data within your VETtrak to populate the template based off the corresponding data you have entered.

      A basic example would be the following template, addressed to a student using Merge Fields that correspond to entered Client Information within VETrak:

      At the time of emailing, this will then be interpreted like so:

      NOTE: A Merge field that has no corresponding data within VETtrak will display as blank within the Template at the time of generation.


Once you are satisfied with the content and appearance of your message:

  • Click Next and then Finish.


When you send an email from the applicable context, you will be prompted to choose between composing an email manually and using a template.

There are no restrictions on the number of emails sent at once using the template. Each email is sent individually with the email address in the To field. If the template includes CC and BCC addresses, these will be sent out with only the first email, or all emails, depending on the global preference.


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