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Student Portal preferences setup - VETtrak v17.1.0.0 and before

Once installed, the Student Portal has some additional preferences that can be set up in the File > Global Preferences area of VETtrak. Click on Student Portal to access the specific preferences page of the wizard.

Standard Preferences:

  • Enable account recoveryThis tickbox will turn on the ability for students to use a 'forgot password' link from the login page of the Student Portal. The process will generate a new password which will be automatically emailed to the student.
    • Enter an email address that the automatically generated password will be sent from. This address must have the rights to send mail through the mail server setup in Email Preferences.
    • The Account recovery contact phone number will be displayed to the student, in case they have forgotten their username or are unable to reset their password for any reason.
  • External link The Student Portal also allows you to add a 'custom link' to the menu bar, after student's have logged in. To add this link, simply turn on this checkbox. Enter the Name and URL for the preferred link. The name is what will be visible, and clickable for your students. The URL should be the full address for the site you are linking to (eg:


Quality Assurance:

  • Tick this box if you want any of your data entered by trainers to be submitted for Quality Assurance before being saved in VETtrak.
  • Indicate which kinds of data and actions need to pass through Quality Assurance. As student (client) information is the only data which can be edited through the Student Portal, the only controllable options are the Add, Edit and Delete privileges for client data.



  • When students upload documents through the Student Portal, it is possible to have an email automatically sent to staff members related to the enrolment. Turn the Send Notification emails option on to enable this functionality.
  • Enter an email address that the notification will be sent from. This address must have the rights to send mail through the mail server setup in Email Preferences.
  • You can also decide which Staff Types, recorded against the Students enrolment, will be sent the notification email. For example, in the above example - assuming an Administration officer, a Trainer, and a Supervisor are all allocated to the enrolment - only the Administration officer and the Trainer would receive an email notification stating that a new file had been uploaded.


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