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Migrating Trainer Portal Preferences - VETtrak 2017

The VETtrak 2017 update has added a new preferences window for the Trainer Portal to configure an External Link URL within your organisation's portals. If you are currently using this functionality, you will need to migrate the settings from your Web.config file to instead be entered into your VETtrak system's Global Preferences.


To retrieve these details, check your Web.config file for the “ExternalLinkUrl” and “ExternalLinkName” entries:


Take the items from these fields, and enter them into the appropriate areas in the VETtrak Global Preferences under the Trainer Portal section:


This will then save the External URL preferences accordingly for immediate use in VETtrak 2017's Trainer Portal access - The link will be available at all times at the top of your Organisation's Trainer Portal when a user has logged in:

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