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Extend Unit Dates

The Extend unit dates functionality serves as a means for a VETtrak user to bulk change Result End Dates for any units utilising a Not Yet Started or Continuing-type result to new future date. It can also be used to extend an Enrolment End Date that is in the past to accommodate a units Result End Date to be extended.

This serves to allow people a convenient method to reflect training that is still marked as in progress (via the Continuing-type result) and has yet to reach its conclusion, by ensuring that the expected finish date remains in the future until such time as a finalised result is recorded.


Using the Extend Unit Dates function

Navigate to the AVETMISS Menu in VETtrak, and select the Extend unit dates option:

This will display the Extend Unit Dates Wizard:

  • Select the Unit Reportability you wish to manage/search for - based on the Government Reporting option that has been selected in the Enrolment.
  • Select the particular State you wish to filter the units by. (NSW and WA are unable to be used with this wizard, as they have their own unique utilities.)
  • Select whether the units are Continuing or Not Yet Started.
  • Select the Finish on or before date to retrieve a list of units before this period.
  • Select the New finish date to be applied to the retrieved units.
  • Limit unit finish to enrolment end date will ensure that the unit end dates do not push beyonde the enrolment end date.
  • Extend enrolment end dates in the past will allow you to also automatically extend any enrolment's end date if it's in the past. If this is ticked, then for any unit that is to be extended but has an enrolment end date in the past, a yellow status will show, and if saved, the enrolment's end date will be updated with the unit's end date.
  • Append comments will add a comment to the units that are updated.
  • Find Units will search and return any results based off your selections, displaying any Units that are currently recorded as a Continuing-type result with an End Date in the past.
  • Result Grid - This table will display the Unit information retrieved from your search options, sorting by the Client Name and the specific Unit Details. This includes the prospective New Finish Date for the Unit where applicable. The Status Column will display any error that will stop the utility for working for a particular unit. The Enrolment () and Result () buttons will allow a user access to the Enrolment Wizard or Record Result Wizard for that Unit Record to amend details as required.

Once selecting the Unit Reportability and State options you wish to utilise, press Find Units to display the results:


Units with a Green status are ready to be processed, and will be amended as soon as the Save button is pressed at the bottom of the wizard. The New Finish Date to be applied is displayed within the New Finish Date column:


Units with a Red status are unable to be processed due to an issue with the current state of the data - expand the red box for an explanation of the encountered error:



Troubleshooting Units that are Unable to be Extended

To solve this issue, the Enrolment Finish Date will need to be amended to reflect a date that is recorded as being in the future. To do this, a user can tick the Extend Enrolment end dates in the past checkbox to push out the Enrolment End dates:

Simply tick the Extend Enrolment end dates in the past box to enable the utility to automatically push out the Enrolment End dates:

Press the Save button to action the Unit Result end date extension, alongside the Enrolment end date extension.


List Applicable Outcomes

The specific outcome types that are taken into account by this functionality include:

  • 70 “Enrolment continuing into a following collection year”
  • 90 “Not yet available at interim collection”
  • 12 “Underpinning knowledge or off the job training completed (Qld)”
  • 50 “RPL Assessment Currently Underway (Vic)”
  • 54 “Recognition of current competency - not granted (Vic)”
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  • VETtrak 2017
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