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Changing the Occurrence for a Registration

It is possible to change the occurrence into which the student has registered while viewing the Registration details.

This feature allows the programme, occurrence and pricing to be changed for the registration. It is intended to facilitate changes prior to official enrolment, to avoid rejecting the registration and requiring the student to re-register.

Change Occurrence can be used in cases where the student chose an unsuitable course for their skill level, a start date for the course that clashes with prior commitments, or simply picked the wrong pricing for their circumstances. However, it also relies on these issues being identified prior to enrolment, since after that point changes will need to be handled in VETtrak through what ever processes your organisation has in place for such situations.


WARNING: Once the associated Web Enrolment has been processed in VETtrak, attempts to change the occurrence will be unsuccessful.

NOTE: In cases where the student has already paid via Credit Card and has overpaid (eg. they were eligible for a concession but picked the full fee pricing instead), or underpaid (eg. picked concession pricing but are ineligible). VETenrol cannot refund the fees paid, nor accept further payment. These situations will need to be resolved by other means.



  • Click the Change Occurrence link.

This will open the Change Occurrence screen:


  1. Select the Programme, a Start Date and Price.
    • The Show all occurrences checkbox can be used to select from published occurrences with a start date in the past.
  2. These options, when enabled, automate maintenance tasks associated with changing the registration:
    • Automatically delete old web enrolment will delete the VETtrak web enrolment (if it exists) originally generated for the registration.
    • Automatically create new web enrolment will make a new web enrolment in VETtrak for the changed details.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.


IMPORTANT: Re-send the Participant Notification so the student receives the new occurrence details.


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