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Trainer Portal 17.1.x release notes - 27/04/2017


Must be running VETtrak version 17.1.3 - 17.1.x. Release notes - 27/04/2017

    • Enhancements
      • Expired trainer portal sessions cleared from the VETtrak UI security manager - session management.
    • Bug fixes
      • Some user's dashboard were coming up in error due to a fault in the query populating the Upcoming client events, when logging in to the Trainer portal.

VETtrak changes

  • Compatible with VETtrak version or later.

Related information Release notes - 13/04/2017

    • Enhancements
      • Automatically start units or tasks when class attendance recorded. See the VETtrak 17.1.3 Release Notes - Occurrence changes point 1 for the condition in which this may occur.
      • To assist in matching classes in the portal with classes in VETtrak, we have added the class code, the occurrence code and the occurrence ID in several places.
      • Client Attributes now appear in the Trainer Portal.
      • More fields have been added for editing a client, including:
        • Email both addresses toggle
        • SMS both numbers toggle
        • Emergency contact person
        • Emergency contact relationship
        • Emergency contact phone number
        • Emergency contact mobile phone
    • Bug fixes
      • If creating a QA item failed due to inappropriate security access, the message received was generic and unhelpful. This has been changed to indicate which permission was required so the user can go and set it. This should take effect for all security errors.
      • Auto-fill for dates in editor grids wasn't working correctly in Firefox. This has been fixed.
      • Editing an attendance QA item didn't replace the values in the QA item you edited. Instead it was creating a new QA item with the new values. This has been fixed so the existing QA item is correctly modified.

VETtrak changes

  • Compatible with VETtrak version or later. Release notes - 10/02/2017

    • Enhancements
      • Training plan details can now be viewed and edited against an enrolment.
      • Student preferred names are now shown throughout the portal, in brackets after the given name
      • Student photos can now be shown in the portal by enabling the relevant option in VETtrak preferences.
    • Bug fixes
      • Some views did not correctly show the staff member assigned to a class.
      • Some views did not correctly show the code assigned to a class.
      • Editing Create Attendance QA items would fail with an error.
      • Editing Create Attendance QA items would load the incorrect description text.
      • Minor display bug while viewing attendance QA items.
      • Description text from bulk-editing attendance was not being saved correctly.
      • Some file types were being incorrectly listed in the portal, resulting in an error when those inaccessible files were downloaded.
      • Some customers with large databases would experience errors when accessing specific screens while logged in under specific users.

VETtrak changes

These changes to Trainer Portal-related functionality were made in VETtrak version 17.1.2.

      • Trainer Portal preferences. Check box added to turn on or off the display of student photos in the Trainer Portal.

Related information Release notes - 13/01/2017

A new version release of the Trainer Portal is available for 2017. This includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.

Release notes

  • Bug fixes
    • In cases where Task Statuses were not being sent to QA, corresponding unit results were not being triggered as configured in VETtrak preferences. This has been fixed.
    • Non-standard datepickers were causing problems for iOS users. These have now been changed to native datepickers if supported.
    • Several fixes to improve user experience on tablets (iPad and Android tablets).
    • In some cases, an item may have been inadvertently sent to QA.
    • Employer names were not being shown on the dashboard for current employer events.
    • Search was not functioning correctly when the search text hit a certain length.
    • Sending emails using individual staff credentials was not working correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Enhancements
    • Configuration of the external link details now takes place within VETtrak. NOTE: External link details within Web.config will now be ignored.
    • QA items now include a link to the client most-closely related to the QA'd record. Displayed in QA Manager in VETtrak.
    • Compatibility with VETtrak 2017 Update 1.
    • Change to version numbering system to align with VETtrak software versioning.

VETtrak changes

These changes to Trainer Portal-related functionality were made in VETtrak version 17.1.0.

  • Quality Assurance client display. A new "Client" column has been added to the grid in the Quality Assurance Manager. This will show the client related to the item being QAed if applicable. Note that it will be empty for any QA items that were created before upgrading the Trainer Portal to the VETtrak 17.1 version.
  • Quality Assurance training plan. The ability for trainers to set the dates in training plans has been added to the Trainer Portal. You can configure VETtrak to send such edits to QA, so that they appear in the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Trainer Portal preferences. External link settings have been added to the Trainer Portal preferences page. The notification options have been moved to the Student Portal preferences page. If you have previously manually configured an external link in the portal's web.config file, you will need to configure it again in VETtrak Preferences - for details, refer to the Migrating Trainer Portal Preferences article.

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