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The Discounts feature allows the creation and management of discount coupon codes. When utilised, entering a valid code results in VETenrol calculating a discounted price based on the regular price and the coupon value.

NOTE: The Allow discounts option must be enabled via Payment Settings to offer users the chance to enter a discount code during the registration process.



The Discounts page has two key elements:

  • The Discount Details section — used to create, or modify a coupon.
  • The Discount list table — for managing existing coupon.


Creating a discount coupon

To create a discount coupon:


  1. Enter the 'Code'. This is the name for the coupon, which must be entered .
  2. Optionally, choose your expiry and limited use options:
    • Expiry (Date) — enter a date for when the coupon expires. Clicking the field will present a calendar for choosing the date, or type the date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.
    • Expiry (# uses) — enter a number representing how many times the discount code can be used before it expires.
    • Email Address — enter an email address to limit all discounts for the code to a specific email. This can be used on its own to indefinitely apply a discount to any or selected programmes, or together with the expiry options.
  3. Choose the 'Type' of discount. The field for the value will be labelled accordingly.
    • Percentage Off — the value is the percentage by which the price will be discounted.
    • Amount Off — the value is a set dollar amount deducted from the price.
    • New Amount — applies the value as the new total price.

    Note: The New Amount type is NOT supported by the Shopping Cart when the discount applies to Any Programme. The discount code will not be recognised.

  4. Use the 'Notes' field to enter any extra details regarding the coupon.
    Eg. coupon for advert appearing in newspaper for week beginning 21/08/2017.
  5. Choose the option for 'Applies to' to identify if the coupon is valid when entered for all programmes, or only for specific programmes.
  6. Click the 'Save' button.

The coupon will be listed in the table view. To add more coupons, repeat the above steps.


The items in the Discount list table can be:

  1. Edited to change the settings.
  2. Assign specific programmes by clicking the Applies to link (only if the coupon applies to Selected programmes).
  3. Deleted from the list by clicking the corresponding 'delete' link.


Selecting Programmes for Discount Coupons

Discounts that apply to Selected programmes allow those programmes and/or occurrence IDs to be viewed and managed from the Discount Programmes page.


  • Click the 'Selected programmes' link.

This will open the Discount Programmes page, for example:


The Discount Programmes page has the following elements:

  • 'Discount Details' section to facilitate the creation of new programmes/occurrence IDs for the discount and allow existing ones to be viewed and modified.
    • 'Code' displays the name of the coupon and cannot be changed on this page.
    • The 'Back' button will return you to the Discounts page.
    • The 'New' button clears the Discount Details fields for a new programme/occurrence ID to be saved.
    • The 'Save' button will save the current entries into the list table.
  • The list table contains saved programmes/occurrence IDs and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the Programme/Occu ID links to modify the entries.
    • Permanently remove unwanted entries using the 'delete' link.

NOTE: The list table will only be displayed when editing a discount coupon with existing programme/occu ID entries. Otherwise it will be hidden until the first entry is saved.


Adding a Programme/Occurrence to Apply to a Coupon


  1. Use 'Type' to choose either Programme or Occurrence to specify for what the coupon will be valid.
    This setting will determine the label and expected input for the field below it:
    • 'Programme Name'
      Enter the exact name of the programme. The coupon will be valid for any occurrence of this programme.
    • 'Occurrence ID'.
      Enter the occurrence ID of the occurrence for which the coupon is valid. The coupon will only be valid for that specific occurrence (unless other entries exist or are created later).

    For assistance to identify the name or ID to enter, see the Summary Report.
  2. Click the 'Save' button.

The entry has now been set and will appear in the list table. Repeat these steps to create additional entries as needed.


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