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Registration Receipts

This feature allows an alternative confirmation email to be sent out based on programme. It can be accessed via the Programmes > Registration Receipts option in the menu.


The Programme Receipts page has two key elements:

  • The Programme Receipt Template Details section — used to create, or modify an entry.
  • The Receipt List table — for managing existing entries.


To create an entry:


  1. Enter the 'Programme Name' for which an alternative email should be used.
  2. Select the 'Mail Template'. Only Mail Templates of type Receipt will be listed.
  3. Click the 'Save' button.

The new entry will be listed in the table view. To add more entries, repeat the above steps.


The items in the Receipt List table can be:

  1. Edited by clicking the programme name.
  2. Deleted from the list by clicking the corresponding 'delete' link.


RELATED: Email Templates regarding creating new mail templates for use with Registration Receipts.


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