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Understanding Enquiry Details

The Enquiry Details page displays the complete record and contact log for a single enquiry. There are some features allowing user interaction:

  1. Enquiry Details.
    This section displays the information provided by the customer when they made their enquiry.
    • click the  icon to email the customer a message from a template.
    • click the 'Back' button to return to the Enquiries screen.
  2. Office Use.
    This section provides administrative control for the enquiry.
    • 'Status' — set the status of the enquiry.
      This may be:
      • Active — The enquiry is new/unanswered.
      • Cancelled — The enquiry has been cancelled.
      • Complete — A response has been sent that answers the enquiry.
    • 'Date Closed' — the date the status was changed to Completed or Cancelled.
    • 'Comment' — comments or notes for the enquiry. Eg. a cancellation reason.
    • The 'Save Comment' button — click this to save status changes and/or comments.
  3. Contact Log.
    • 'Date' — the date and time for the entry. The dates listed in this column can be clicked to view the full message or comment.
    • 'Type' — the type of record.
      This may be:
      • Email — message(s) sent from within VETenrol in response to the enquiry.
      • Comment — comment(s) added to the Enquiry via the Office Use section.
    • 'Comment' — the message contained in the comment or email.


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