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Standard Report Update - Version 1006

Report Version: 1006

Release Date: 25/08/2017

Updated Standard Reports

Email and SMS\Sent SMS Register

  1. New Column. A new column 'SMS Credits Used' has been added to the excel export side of the report.

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Export Report

  1. Bug Fix. A bug that caused the pricing columns to display zero dollar values for contract enrolments has been fixed.


New Standard Reports

Deleted Record Reports\Invoices Deleted Report

Displays invoice information that has been deleted from VETtrak by the VETtrak user. Includes date/time deleted, client/employer, invoice date, invoice number and invoice amount. There is also an option to display the deteled payments from the invoice.
If you are logged in with a user who has access to a role with permission to view the security features of VETtrak you will also see the user who deleted the record.

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