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VETtrak 17.1.1 Release Notes - 27/01/2017

Version 17.1.1 is a minor update from version 17.1.0. It contains the following bug fixes and changes in response to customer feedback.

  1. NSW AVETMISS competent result finishing in a subsequent year. When you record a Competent result in NSW starting in 2016 and finishing in 2017 before today, and do a 2016 AVETMISS generation for NSW, VETtrak was reporting the unit with a Continuing result, as this is what the result would have been at the end of 2016. However, NSW STS does not handle this correctly and produces an error that the unit has a finish date in the past but has a Continuing result. To work around this issue, VETtrak will no longer convert a result to a 70 (continuing) if the end date is after the end of the collection year, in NSW only.
  2. Award validation for new USI exemptions. A client with an INTOFF or SHORT USI exemption can now be given an award without a warning or error.
  3. SA school location IDs. SA school location IDs can now be 3 of 4 digits long. These are entered as employer codes for the "RTO for enrolment" employer selected in a VET In Schools enrolment in SA.
  4. WA CQR Export. The "Only report CCQI enabled units" tickbox in the WA CQR Export wizard has been renamed to "Only report units on TGA". Ticking this will only include units that have "Exists on" ticked.
  5. Removed SA CQR Export. The SA CQR Export has not been required in SA for several years, and has been removed from VETtrak.
  6. Occurrence Class Attendance date validation. An issue with the validation of the dates/times in the Occurrence Class Attendance wizard has been fixed.
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