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Video: Staff Credentials Webinar (42:07)

This webinar focuses on the Staff Credentials feature introduced in VETtrak Version 17.1

Staff Credentials allow you to record the credentials that your staff have for delivering training for units. You can also have VETtrak validate that your staff members have a valid credential in a unit when a staff member is assigned to that unit in a training plan. The functionality includes:

  • Set up credentials (Training and Assessment Qualifications, Vocational Experiences, and Vocational Qualifications and Licences) in the Configuration Manager.
  • Assign credentials to staff members in the Staff Manager. Each one has a status, and can have start and expiry dates
  • Assign which of the staff member's credentials are required for which of their deliverable units in the Staff Manager.
  • Configure which staff types need to have credentials satisfied. When assigning a staff member that has one of those staff types to a unit in a training plan, you can configure VETtrak to show a warning or error if the staff member does not have that unit as a deliverable unit, or does not have a current credential for that unit.



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  • VETtrak 2017
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