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State Specific AVETMISS Enrolment Details

State Based reporting requirements differ drastically between unique States and Territories, ranging from unique fields that need to be managed right through to entirely unique reporting methods. This Help Centre article serves as a brief guideline of the different States/Territories and the facets of their AVETMISS reporting needs that make them unique.


Reporting Body: Skills Victoria

Reporting System: Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS)


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

Victorian Specific Enrolment Details:

  • Includes reporting of tuition fees including dollars and cents
  • Includes reporting of 'Client Fees – Other' as a per-Unit rate calculated based on additional fees excluding Course/Tuition fees and Government contribution items. This fee/cost includes such things as materials and equipment costs charged to the students.
  • Includes a record for each ‘enrolment’ in the NAT00130 (Program Completed)
  • Includes the following unique Enrolment fields/flags:
    • Course commencement date (Presswithin VETtrak to see clarification details)
    • Enrolment date (Press within VETtrak to see clarification details)
    • Supervised end date (PSTACD)
      • This should be set as the date when the student is scheduled to complete, or did complete, supervised training and assessment. This is mandatory for non fee-for-service reportable enrolments continuing into 2016 or later.
    • Funding Eligibility key
    • VIC program enrolment section – This allows you to set the program enrolment status, which defaults to "In training" (30). The “VIC program enrolment” panel, and “Existing” button, are cleared and disabled if:
      • No qualification is selected on the first page, or
      • You are adding enrolments for multiple clients, or
      • You are adding/editing an occurrence, booking, employer enrolment, or enrolment in a profile
    • Industry Code (ANZSIC)
    • Program Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH)
    • Supersedes enrolment
    • Eligibility exemption verified flag
    • Evidence of eligibility flag
    • Provided under VSL flag
    • Student declaration signed flag


Reporting Body: Training Services NSW

Reporting System: Student Training Services (STS Online)


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

Smart and Skilled is the unique reporting guidelines used by Training Organisations within New South Wales. It incorporates some unique requirements and processes to submit student data for funding. We have a help centre article explaining Smart and Skilled report needs here: NSW: Smart And Skilled Reporting Essentials

New South Wales Specific Enrolment Details:

  • Includes reporting of tuition fees including dollars and cents
  • Includes all units within enrolments
  • Reports the ‘Commitment ID’ in the ‘Contract Number’ column which would normally come from the Purchasing Contract entered in an enrolment. (Presswithin VETtrak to see clarification details) 
  • Within the ‘Commitment Info’ tab in the NSW Smart and Skilled enrolment wizard ‘Complete’ tick box will stop reporting NSW Smart & Skilled.


Reporting Body: Department of Education and Training (DET)

Reporting System: DETConnect


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

Queensland Specific Enrolment Details:

  • Includes reporting of tuition fees to the nearest full dollar
  • Labels the purchasing contract a ‘Pre-qualified Supply No (PAS)’
  • Reports a ‘Full time learning option’ yes/no field at the end of the NAT00120


Reporting Body: Department of Training and Workforce Development

Reporting System: Resource Allocation Program for Training (RAPT)


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

Western Australian Specific Enrolment Details:

  • Does not use AVETMISS 7 files, uses simplistic Student and Enrolment files generated from VETtrak
  • Refers to a funding source as a Contracted Program of Study (CPS)
  • Reports an intake number
  • Reports Tuition Fee, Resource Fees and Loan Liability pricing

Unique AVETMISS Values:

  • 'Employer invoiced' flag
  • 'Funding Removed' flag


Reporting Body: The Department of Education and Training

Reporting System: ACT Vocational Education and Training Administration Records System (AVETARS)


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

ACT Specific Enrolment Details:

  • The ‘contract code’ in the contract wizard is referred as a ‘Sequence No.’ and is reported in the ‘Training Contract ID’ field in the NAT00120 after the ‘Student File No’ and a forward slash. The remaining characters of this Australian Apprenticeship student identifier is entered into the Clients Personal Wizard, in the field titled 'STA Client No'
  • For non-contract enrolments the ‘Student File Identifier’ is entered on the second page of the enrolment wizard

South Australia

Reporting Body: WorkReady

Reporting System: The Student Training Enrolment Logistics Application (STELA)


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

SA AVETMISS Reporting details article



Reporting Body: Skills Tasmania

Reporting System: Files are emailed to a Skills Tas Representative


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

Northern Territory

Reporting Body: Workforce NT

Reporting System: Northern Territories VET Provider Portal


Reporting Documentation/Resources:

NT Specific Enrolment Details:

  • Resource Agreement is created as a Purchasing Contract within VETtrak
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