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VIC: Program Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH)

Program Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH) are the total number of unique (non-overlapping) hours of supervised training and assessment activity for the Program (course/qualification) enrolment. This should be determined from the student’s perspective. For example, if a student undertakes two units concurrently over the course of an eight hour day, the PUSH for that student would be eight hours.

Program Unique Supervised Hours are managed within a Students Enrolment.

Within VETtrak this should be set as the total number of unique hours of the student's supervised training and assessment activity for the enrolment. You can enter a value manually, or have VETtrak calculate an initial value by ticking Sum of unit hours or Sum of class/event hours. Sum of class/event hours will total the hours from the classes the client is in, in the occurrence that this enrolment is in, as well as hours from this enrolment's events that have the new Contributes to PUSH field ticked in the Event wizard.

On non-occurrence enrolments that are linked to occurrence enrolments, Sum of class/event hours will include the hours from classes and Contributes to PUSH events for the linked occurrence enrolments.

You can set a default calculation option for new enrolments in the File menu -> Global Preferences -> Compliance Preferences -> VIC tab. Recording a PUSH is mandatory for non fee-for-service reportable enrolments that commence in 2016 or later. It is reported in a new field in the NAT130 file.

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