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QLD: Purchasing Contract Change Wizard

As Queensland government Purchasing Contracts are issued for a financial year, and the AVETMISS Standard uses the calendar year, you may have clients enrolled in units that were started under one Purchasing Contract, but were not completed before the end of the financial year.

To aid with this, VETtrak has a unique utility that allows you to change the Purchasing Contract in bulk for the units you require, known as the Purchasing Contact Change Wizard.

This is accessed under the Utility menu, within the QLD Utilities submenu:

The wizard itself is presented like so:

  1. In the top-right, start by selecting a date that indicates a period for Units to be updated from. You can then select whether this method should should account for Units Starting on or after this date, or Finishing on or after the entered date.
  2. Select the Old Purchasing Contract that you are changing from.
  3. Select the New Purchasing Contract that you want to apply to these units.
  4. Select which Result Types a unit must have in order to be changed to the new Purchasing Contract.
  5. Click Update.
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