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Creating SMS Templates

VETtrak allows you to set up templates for your emails. This feature can be useful if:

  • You regularly send out similar SMS.
  • You want to automatically include certain information in your messages without looking it up.

Merge templates are set up in the Configuration Manager, which can be opened by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menus, or by clicking the icon on the toolbar.

  • Expand Merge templates.
  • Right-click SMS templates and choose Add new SMS template.
  • This will display the Merge Template Wizard:

  • Select the Context for your SMS message. This will determine what merge fields are available to insert into your message and where the template is available for use.
  • Enter a Name to identify the template.
  • Optionally, enter a Code for the template.
  • Optionally, select a Template Category if you wish to add this to a group of Templates.
  • Optionally, enter Notes about the template. This might include instructions for use, or when and why it was last updated.

Now you can being entering the message:

  • Enter your message into the Template body field, keeping in mind that the length of the message will determine the number of SMS credits used when sending this template SMS.
  • The Field List (for type and context) shows the available merge fields. Double-click a merge field to add it into your message at the current cursor position.

Once you are satisfied with the content and appearance of your message:

  • Click Next and then Finish.


When you send an SMS from the applicable context, you will be prompted to choose between composing an SMS manually and using a template.


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