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Process: Recording Attendance in VETtrak (Legacy)

This content represents an older version of the VETtrak Software. Some content may not match directly to a newer version.

For the new method of Recording Attendance, please see our article here

Entering Attendance against classes provides a means for tracking whether your students are successfully meeting their requirements for Occurrence based learning that utilise Classes. Attendances can reflect whether a student was PresentAbsent or Sick, and can also be customised to suit whatever needs you may need to reflect. Positive attendances can also be used for specific government reporting needs, such as Program Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH) in Victoria.

These attendances can be further clarified by way of Attendance Reasons, which provide an option for users to clarify the particular details regarding their recorded negative attendance - For example describing an absence as being due to sickness.

The simplest way to record attendance is to right-click a Class in the Occurrence Details panel, and select Record attendance for clients:

This will display the Occurrence Class Attendance wizard:

  1. Select your Attendance Type to indicate the type of attendance to be recorded (Absent, Present, etc)
  2. Enter the Time and Dates that reflect the attendance period. For classes that begin and end on the same day, you will be prompted to make sure the Start and Finish dates match.

    NOTE: If the start and finish time of the attendance overlap a Break time in the class the portion of the overlapping time will be deducted from the duration minutes.
  3. Select the Clients that require the attendance to be applied to their Class details.

    NOTE: Any Students that are not selected on this page can have an different attendance entered for them by ticking the Repeat Wizard button on the following page:
    This will prompt the wizard to repeat, allowing for different attendances to be applied.
  4. Notes can be applied to any entered attendance for a Client should you require further details to be recorded.


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