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Recalculate Enrolment Pricing

If you make any changes to the figures for a Funding Model, these changes will not be automatically reflected in enrolments that use the Funding Model - the pricing for each enrolment will need to be recalculated. Rather than editing each enrolment individually, this can be done using the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing Wizard. To open the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing Wizard, go to Utility > Recalculate enrolment pricing.

This will display the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing Wizard.

  1. Select the State.
  2. Select the Funding Source that you want to update enrolments for.
  3. Tick the box if you only want to search for enrolments that started within a particular date range, and set the dates.
  4. Alternatively, tick this box if you want to find the enrolments from your most recent AVETMISS generation. This will disable all the other search criteria fields.
  5. Click Search for enrolments.
  6. The grid will fill with all enrolments in the selected state with the selected funding source.
  7. If you click on an enrolment, you can see its current pricing here. This is for information purposes only and cannot be changed here.
  8. Drag the dotted bar if you need to change the size of the panels to see more clearly.
  9. Tick the enrolments that you want to change, or click the Use heading to tick them all.
  10. Click Update pricing for selected enrolments.
NOTE: If you have left the Recalculate pricing for units with a claimed date box unticked under Global Preferences > Result Unit and Award Preferences, this process will NOT recalculate pricing for any unit that has already been claimed.
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