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Process: Creating a Client

To do this, go to the Create menu at the top of the main VETtrak screen and choose Client:

This will display the Client Wizard:

  1. This box will display an automatically generated Client Code. You can tick or untick the Auto box to change this for this client entry if necessary.

    NOTE:If you have specified a prefix under File > Global preferences > General preferences, that prefix will be added to an automatically generated client code. Uppercase is enforced for all letters in the client code. You can also customise the format of your Client Code in your Autonumber Preferences
  2. Enter the person's Surname, Given Name and (optional) Other Names, or:
  3. Tick the Single name box if the person only has one name.
  4. (Optional) Enter the name the person prefers to be called by. This will appear in brackets after their name in the Client Manager.
  5. Enter the Title for the person (optional). This is useful if you want this information included on merge documents.
  6. Set the clients Gender based off the available options.
  7. Set the Date of Birth. The easiest way to do this is to type in a six-digit date with no separators. So if you want to enter a DoB which is 11th of August, 1985, type in 110885.

    Note: The person's age will be automatically calculated from the date of birth. You cannot enter anything in this field yourself.
  8. If the person has supplied you with a Unique Student Identifier (USI), enter it here.
  9. Click this button if you want to Verify an entered USI number, or to Locate an existing one for the entered Client. (You can also choose to verify them in bulk at a later time.)
  10. Click the Not Exempt text if this person has an exemption that means they do not need a USI. Manipulating this field allows you to communicate an exemption status for this client, and include them in your AVETMISS reporting.
  11. If you are using Divisions to segment your database, select the Division you want this client to belong to. If you are not using divisions, this will be disabled and the client automatically added to the single top level (Root) division.
  12. These fields are required if you are providing your client access to a web interface into VETtrak, or if the person you are entering is a staff member who will be allocated access to VETtrak via the Security Manager
  13. If this person is a Staff Member, tick this box. Staff members may be linked to contracts, enrolments, occurrences, classes, costs and agreements.
  14. At a later stage, if the client is no longer active you can tick this box to Archive them.
  15. If you require to quickly disable log-in access to various VETtrak portals (Such as the Trainer or Student Portal) you can tick this box to immediate revoke access.
  16. If you want to note this person's Employment Information, press the [+] button to Add employment details. A wizette will appear, that allows you to manage these details, like so:

    1. Indicate if this is considered the Primary Employer for this Client. You can also toggle whether these employment details are considered Active here.
    2. Select an Employer from the selection box. You can create a new employer 'on-the-fly' by clicking the button to the left of the field. Employers are managed in the Employer Manager.
    3. If you want to note this person's Position or job, choose it from the drop-down box. You can create a new position 'on-the-fly' by clicking the button to the left of the field. Positions (and Classifications) are set up in the Configuration Manager.
    4. If required, indicate which particular Branch location the Clients employment is associated with. Branches are managed in the Employer Manager for each Employer. 
    5. If required, clarify what Type of Employment applies to the Client, such as 'Full Time' or 'Part Time'. Employment types are set up in the Configuration Manager.
    6. Additional HR fields are available if required. 

Press Ok to return to the previous window and save this information against the Client.

Press the Next button to progress the wizard, this will display the option to assign the client to a Group:

(Optional) Within this wizard you can place a client into a Group that may have been created earlier, or create a group on the fly by pressing thebutton in the top right hand side.


Press the Next button to progress the wizard, this will display the Description field for the client:

(Optional) On this page you can choose to record a Referral source for your Client, Manage their Student Portal role, and assign Credit Terms if required.

There is also a large field to add additional Client Notes if relevant, which can contain any text based information you require.


Press the Next button to progress the wizard, this will display the File Notes field for the client:


File Notes are a unique way to record targeted information against your client in small, self-contained notes. For more details, view our File Notes article:

Press the Next button to progress the wizard, this will display the Finish page for the wizard:

Pressing Finish at this point of the wizard will create the new Client. If you require to enter additional Client, you can tick the Repeat wizard after finish box to prompt the wizard to repeat - Otherwise, pressing the Edit Personal Information for this Client box will prompt a new wizard to open that allows you to enter Personal Information for this client.

NOTE: If you do not want the Edit Personal Information box ticked by default you can turn this off in your General Preferences - Client
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