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Process: Moving VETtrak from one computer to another (Firebird)

Here are some steps to follow to move VETtrak from one computer to another - This is suitable for customers utilising the Firebird Database Framework.

Preparing to Move VETtrak

To move VETtrak to another computer you will firstly need to know where the database sits. To do this:

  1. Go to the VETtrak folder - if you have a shortcut to VETtrak you can right click on the shortcut, click Properties and click Open File Location
  2. Open the VTConfig.exe file
  3. You will see a screen like this. You will see the file path to the database file where it says 'Set computer and path to database'. This is telling you were the database file sits.

The VETtrak database will often sit within a folder named Data in the main VETtrak folder. If this is the case, you can then simply copy the VETtrak folder to proceed

You will need to make sure that there are no users in VETtrak. You can then copy the entire VETrak folder and the VETtrak database file (.gdb) from the old computer and place this onto the new computer.

After you have moved VETtrak

You will then require to install Firebird onto the new computer. You can download the Firebird server from our Support Centre.

Once Firebird is installed you may need to add a TCP port exception on port 3050 for Firebird on the Firewall on the computer.

Next go to the VETtrak folder, run the 'VTConfig.exe' file and change 'Set computer and path to database' to match the IP address of the new computer and the file path as it is when working on the new computer. Press 'Test Now' to test the connection and press 'Finish' to save the changes.

Set the appropriate user permissions on the new computer for the VETtrak folder and change any VETtrak shortcuts on the client computers to point the new computer.


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