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VETtrak AVETMISS Changes - 2018

This article details the changes made in VETtrak versions 17.3 and 18.1 to accommodate the state and national changes to AVETMISS reporting requirements in 2018. 

Parts of this functionality has been implemented in the VETtrak 2018 version release (Version: 18.1)

These changes are in anticipation of the AVETMISS 8.0 deployment scheduled for 2018. For more information there are a number of resources and documents available from the NCVER website

These changes have been made to allow you to start entering new data required for AVETMISS 8, for enrolments that are starting or continuing into 2018. These changes include:

Outcome changes.

A new outcome and result type for 41 "Incomplete due to RTO closure" has been added.

Not Yet Started (Outcome 85)

A new outcome for 85 "Not yet started" has also been added, but it has no created result type. We advise that this outcome should not be used in VETtrak, as a not started unit should have an empty result.

Clarification on the use of this Outcome from reporting bodies states:

Outcome '70' should be used once training activity has started, where-as Outcome '85' should be used to indicate that training activity is starting at a later (Activity Start) date. This would suggest that the '85' outcome is designed to reflect a scheduled future date, rather than to act as an interim 'placeholder' until training takes place.

If you wish to make use of this Outcome, you will require to create a Result Type within your VETtrak system.

VETtrak has had some logic implemented to better support the new outcome 85 "Not yet started", if you choose to use it:

  • Start date in the past. Generate AVETMISS 8 will now check in the NAT120 file if you have an outcome 85 with a start date in the past. This is an error for VIC, and a warning for national and all other states.
  • Ending in future reporting period. In the NAT120 file in Generate AVETMISS 8, any unit with an outcome of 85 that finishes in a future reporting period is no longer translated to outcome 70.
  • VIC units starting in future. In the NAT120 file in Generate AVETMISS 8, for VIC only, any unit that has a start date in the future will be reported with outcome 85.
  • Attendance starting units. When recording attendance that starts units, it will now also start any applicable units that have an outcome of 85.
  • Tasks starting units. When recording task activity that starts units, it will now also start any applicable units that have an outcome of 85.
  • Canvas LMS starting units. When downloading results from Canvas LMS that starts units, it will now also start any applicable units that have an outcome of 85.
In Western Australia, The result Not yet started (WA) - (Outcome 105) is still a valid unit outcome to be used for reporting.

Survey contact status.

A new Survey Contact Status field has been added to the Client Personal wizard. This defaults to A (Available), and will automatically be M (Minor) for students under 15 years of age.

Delivery modes.

A new Delivery Modes field has been added to the Enrolment wizard, in all states and national.

This allows you to select the combination of Internal, External and Workplace delivery modes (or Not Applicable) that apply to the enrolment. All states also require one of the delivery modes to be selected as the predominant mode (in the "Pri" column). A different list of Delivery Modes is used in WA.

You can change the delivery modes for individual enrolled units in the Edit AVETMISS Values wizard:

and the Enrolment Results wizard:

This field will replace the Delivery Type field (and Delivery Strategy in WA) in 2018.

Date award completed.

The "Year completed" field in the Award wizard has been replaced by a "Date completed".

As per AVETMISS Data Element Definitions:

Date program completed must be the date that the activity in the program was completed,
including any on-the-job training components and the time required for the trainer to determine
the final outcome.

Date program completed should not be defaulted to the date in which the training organisation
issued the certificate of completion.

AVETMISS rules dictate this field is not to be defaulted and must be entered manually.

Field Length Changes

Award parchment length. The maximum length of the award parchment number has been increased from 10 to 25 characters.

Fee exemption code length. The maximum length of the fee exemption code field has been increased from 1 to 2 characters.

AVETMISS Changes by State


  • VIC Program Enrolment. A new "VIC program enrolment" section has been added to the Enrolment wizard in VIC. This allows you to set the program enrolment status, which defaults to "In training" (30).

    The program enrolment identifier is read-only and will be automatically generated by VETtrak the first time the enrolment is included in a 2018 AVETMISS generation.

    Each enrolment for the same client, qualification and program commencement date shares the same information in this panel, so updating the program enrolment status for one enrolment will reflect on any other enrolment for the same client, qualification and program commencement date.

    The "Existing" button will list the program commencement dates on any other VIC reportable enrolment for the same client and qualification that has had VIC program enrolment data created, and selecting one will set that program commencement date onto this enrolment, allowing you to easily link this enrolment to an existing VIC program enrolment.

    The “VIC program enrolment” panel, and “Existing” button, are cleared and disabled if:

    • No qualification is selected on the first page, or

    • You are adding enrolments for multiple clients, or

    • You are adding/editing an occurrence, booking, employer enrolment, or enrolment in a profile

  • Award Program Enrolment Status. When a certificate award is created, or the issued flag changed, for a reportable VIC enrolment, the program enrolment status of that enrolment will be automatically updated to "Program completed (issued)" (10) or "Program completed (not issued)" (20) depending on the issued flag.

    Parchment is Not Issued:

    Parchment is Issued:

    This update will not occur if the program enrolment status was already set to "Completion of lower level of program" (50), "Nested program" (60), "Superseded program" (70) or "Streamed program" (80).

  • PUSH and PSTACD missing for enrolments without program commencement date. An issue causing Generate AVETMISS to not include the PUSH and PSTACD in the NAT130 file for enrolments that were missing a program commencement date has been fixed.
  • VIC VSN Submission: Gender X. Gender X can now be uploaded to the Victorian Student Number system.

New South Wales

  • Extend enrolment end dates. An issue causing the Extend NSW Unit Dates Utility to not extend enrolment end dates in the past for units with no result and a start date in the past has been fixed.

Western Australia

  • Employer invoiced flag. A new "Employer invoiced" tickbox has been added to the Edit AVETMISS Values wizard for a reportable WA enrolment. This will be automatically ticked if you include any pricing from the enrolment on an employer invoice.

  • Funding removed flag. A new "Funding removed" tickbox has been added to the Edit AVETMISS Values wizard for a reportable WA enrolment.

  • Enrolment export. The WA Enrolment Export wizard now allows you to choose whether to produce the file in RAPT version 2 or version 3 format.

    Version 3 will be automatically selected from 3 November 2017, as this is when RAPT is expected to start requiring the version 3 format. Version 3 contains the new AVETMISS 8 fields (survey contact status, delivery mode, award date completed, employer invoiced flag, funding removed flag, and support for USI exemption codes), but values for these new fields will only be required for enrolments that commence or continue into 2018.

NAT File Changes

  • Removed “PROFICIENCY IN SPOKEN ENGLISH” and “YEAR HIGHEST SCHOOL LEVEL COMPLETED” from NAT80 file. The “Proficiency in spoken English identifier” and “Year highest school level completed” fields will be removed from the NAT80 client file. This moves all the subsequent fields in the file and changes the NAT80 record length to 327 characters (including the new survey contact status).
    These two fields will now only be required for WA (and during the overlap period for final 2017 reporting).
  • Added “ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS” to the NAT85 file. The existing secondary email address field will now be reported within the NAT85, position 478, in Generate AVETMISS. This increases the total record NAT85 length to 557 characters.
  • Moved “SCHEDULED HOURS” in the NAT120 file. Moved the “Scheduled hours” field from above-the-line to below-the-line (ie. state-specific), to position 154, in the NAT120 in Generate AVETMISS.
    This field no longer needs to be reported in national generations, but must still be reported in state-based generations.

Reporting of Statement Type Awards

In the Award wizard, both certificate and statement award types are now able to be marked as State or Nationally Reportable.

If an award is made reportable, and does not have a qualification selected, an error will show to indicate that a reportable award requires a course or qualification to be selected.

Awards set to be reportable will be captured in the appropriate AVETMISS generation.

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