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Adding a Unit/Module to an Enrolment

Should you require to add additional Units/Modules to an Enrolment after its creation, you can do so by right-clicking on the Enrolment, and selecting Add Unit/Module:

This will open the Add Unit Wizard:

This wizard is very similar to the Add Unit step in the Enrolment Process.

If the enrolment is part of an Occurrence, you will only be able to add units that are already associated with the Occurrence itself.

See our article on Adding Unit/Modules to an Occurrence for more details.

  1. Unit Search
    • To search, type the first few characters of the Unit Code, OR
    • Tick the checkbox to Expand the Qual Tree and identify the unit this way.
  2. Unit/Modules List - This displays the units returned from the search. You can then click and drag units from this list to the right-hand area to select the unit.
    If you want to select multiple units, hold the CTRL key while left-clicking each unit, or hold SHIFT to select a range.
  3. Grouped Unit Type Selection - You can drop down the box and select the relevant grouped units to have them added to the selection Unit list.
  4. Selected units/modules - The currently selected units.

Press Next to continue to the Unit Pricing area:

Within here you can add pricing details if you wish, or you can instead choose to defer adding these details and instead process a mass recalculation of enrolment pricing to add the details in bulk.

Finish the wizard for the units to be added to the Enrolment.

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