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Invoices & Receipts - Headers & Footers

You set up the header and footer portions of your inbuilt Invoices and Receipts using this wizard. You can access it through Report > Setup receipt and invoice reports:

  1. Select which particular header / footer you want to set up - This area is used to set up both Receipt and Invoice header and footers.
  2. You can create your header or footer template as an RTF file, using a program like Microsoft Word and click this button to load it into the wizard.
  3. Text can be edited in the wizard, but no formatting is available. Major changes should be made in the original RTF file.
  4. Merge fields for date and time display can be entered according to the codes shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the wizard.
  5. If you have edited text within the wizard, you can save it back to the original RTF file as well.

Repeat for the other headers and footers, then click Next and Finish to save them in VETtrak.

The next time you display a default Invoice or Receipt your formatted details will be displayed:

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