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Moving an Occurrence

It may be useful to move an occurrence, along with its enrolments, classes and events, to a different date.

VETtrak provides a method of moving an existing occurrence. To do this, locate the occurrence to be moved in the Programme Manager, right-click on the Details node and choose Move occurrence.

This will open the Move Occurrence Wizard:

  1. Set the new start date for the occurrence.
  2. Tick this box if you want to change the days of the week that the rescheduled classes are held.
  3. If you have ticked the box above, select the days of the weeks that the classes can be moved to.
  4. If this box is ticked, no classes will be scheduled for the dates listed in the grid below. These dates are set up in the Configuration Manager.
  5. The dates listed in the grid are those set up in the Configuration Manager for national holidays, and holidays in the state in which the occurrence is located.
  6. Click the Add button to add an extra day that classes are to be excluded from.
  7. If you want to schedule classes on any of the excluded days, delete that day from the list.
  8. Click Preview class moves to see a list comparing the old and new class dates.

Press Next and Finish to process the Occurrence Move.


  • If dates are excluded when moving classes, all classes will be pushed back to the next available date. This may result in an occurrence that has classes scheduled after the end date of the occurrence.
  • Adding or removing public holidays in the grid only affects the dates of classes for this occurrence. If your organisation has different or extra days that you want classes to always be excluded from, you will need to set these up in the Configuration Manager.
  • Moving an occurrence will also move any enrolled clients to the new occurrence dates.
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