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WA: Enrolment Export

This utility provides the mechanism to create the ENROL.TXT file for export. Go to the Utility menu and select WA utilities > Enrolment export.

  1. Click the Search button.
  2. The grid will fill with exportable enrolments. That is, enrolments which have active CPS numbers, where the location set in the enrolment is in Western Australia and Report to state body is selected.
  3. Each record will have a coloured status to indicate if it has errors or not. Red = Error, Green = OK. Click on the red box to see a message which explains the errors.
  4. Click the "[+]" sign to expand an enrolment for more details (see below).
  5. If your errors pertain to result dates that have 'slipped' past, click the Fix Units button.
    • If a unit has a Not Yet Started (105) result and the start date of the unit has passed, pressing the Fix Units button will move the start date to the end of next month and the finish date the same number of days into the future from the new start date.
    • If the unit has a Continuing (5) result and the finish date has passed, then the finish date will be moved to the end of the next month. (The new end date does not have to fall within the enrolment period. As long as the date range of the result at least overlaps the enrolment period, the dates will be valid.) Click Search again and the corrected records will appear in green.
  6. Click on the buttons in the first column to edit the client's details, in the second column to edit the enrolment's details, the third column to edit the outcomes / results and the last column to edit the person's contract. Once errors are fixed, click Search again and the corrected records will show up in green.
  7. Click the Excel button to save a copy of the file as an Excel spreadsheet.
    NOTE: This button does not create the file that you send to the government. This button creates an Excel spreadsheet for your own reference. Your report for the government is created by the Export button (number 8 below).
  8. Tick the tickboxes next to the records you want to export. You can only toggle the tickboxes on error-free (Green) records.
  9. Click the Export button once all the errors have been rectified, to save the ENROL.TXT file to a disk location of your choice
NOTE: Click on a column heading to sort the records by that column. This feature is particularly useful for grouping all your records with errors together by sorting them according to Status column.

The expanded view shows the details for each unit in the enrolment:

  1. The Course Fee is different for each unit because it is calculated depending on the number of hours in each unit.
  2. The Resource Fee and Loan Liability are the same for each unit because they are calculated by dividing the total amount evenly between the number of units in the enrolment.

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