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Automated Credit Card Payment Providers

VETenrol allows credit card payments to be accepted as part of the registration only via third party providers.

Should the user choose to pay via credit card, the user will be transferred to a secure server where they enter their card details which are then securely sent to and processed by the third party.

VETenrol integrates with the following providers:

Stripe ( is our recommended provider as they are easy to implement, follow best practices when it comes to security and are often the cheapest option for our clients too. 


If you already have an account with one of the above providers, please provide us with the Merchant ID and Password (where applicable) that the provider has issued to you.

DO NOT email your credentials to us! Instead, let our support team know you want to send your merchant information for VETenrol and you will receive a link to our secure service (provided by in order to supply the details securely.

There are no additional costs for setting VETenrol to use the services that are already integrated, but if you intend to sign up please confirm with us that you have selected the product supported by VETenrol.


Stripe Integration

We need the Publishable Key and Secret Key, which can be found via the Stripe dashboard by choosing Developers > API Keys from the menu.

Instructions/information is available from Stripe:


eWay Integration

The eWay Customer ID, a number starting with 1 or 2, is the "Merchant ID" required by VETenrol for set up.

Use the following guide (provided by eWay) to help identify where to find your eWay Customer ID:

Do not provide us with your eWay password for this integration.


PayPal Integration

Visit our dedicated instruction article here:



RELATED: Payment Preferences (General Settings) - where the merchant account details will be displayed once your integration is complete.

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