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Bulk Verify USI

Rather than verifying each student's USI individually, you can wait until you have a number to do and verify them all at once. To do this, go to Utility > USI > Bulk verify USIs:

  1. The grid will show all clients in VETtrak who currently have a USI recorded that is currently not verified.
  2. The Status column will be colour-coded as follows:
    • White - The person's USI is ready to be sent for verification.
    • Yellow - The client has an unverified USI, but it cannot be sent for verification (e.g. their date of birth is missing).
    • Red - The client already has a USI recorded that has failed verification previously. These will not be re-sent. You can click on a coloured box for more information.
  3. If you need to correct any errors or omissions before submitting, click the button to open the Client Wizard and edit the clients details.
  4. When ready, you can process the verification by pushing Verify USIs.
  5. You can click the Excel button at any point if you want to export a spreadsheet with all the information in the grid. This can be useful if you have a large number of errors to check.
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