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Edit Training plan In The Trainer Portal

The Training Plan may be viewed/edited in version or higher of the Trainer Portal.

Accessing the Training Plan

If you wish to access the training plan for a student, first navigate to the relevant student.


  1.  select the Enrolments tab.
  2.  select the relevant course and expand to see the units.
  3.  click on the Edit training plan button.

Editing the Training Plan

 Editing the training plan by setting planned start/planned finish dates against units.

  1. Select which units are to be edited.  The check box selected in the header toggles all unit check boxes and or Select individual unit rows by checking against the relevant unit(s) in the list.
  2. Entering a planned start/planned finish dates in the first row under the header and clicking on the arrow button will copy the date into the checked units below, or you may:
  3. Enter individual planned start date on a checked row directly using the rows planned start date input box.
  4. Enter individual planned finish date on a checked row directly using the rows planned finish date input box.
  5. Finally submit the training plan dates using the submit button.

Validation Messages

Where relevant, validation messages may appear next to the unit checkbox. 

Click the Exclamation icon (1) to show the text of the message in a popup text box.

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