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Creating USIs in Bulk

You may choose to create a number of USIs for your Clients all at once, rather than individually.

To do this, you can choose to add them to a USI Batch, by right-clicking on the Client's Personal heading and selecting Create USI > Add to create batch:

Submitting a USI Batch

When you are ready to send the batch off to have USIs created, go to the Utility menu and select USI > Submit create USI batch.

  1. The Grid will fill with all the clients who have been added since the last batch was submitted.
  2. The Status Column will show Red if there are any errors, and Green if there are no errors. Click on a red box for more information about the errors. You will not be able to submit the batch while it contains records with errors.
  3. Click these buttons to edit the client or their identity document details.
  4. Click this button to remove a record from the file. If you cannot fix the problem in any of the records, you will need to delete them before submitting the batch, and add them again later when the problem has been resolved. It is not possible to submit the batch while there are records with errors.
  5. You can export the information in the grid as a spreadsheet file if required. This can be helpful if there are a lot of records with errors that you need to work through.
  6. Once all errors have been corrected or removed, the Submit button will be enabled. Click it to send the USI creation application.

A message like the one below will be displayed when the batch has been successfully submitted:

Retrieving a USI Batch

After you have submitted the batch for processing, you will need to retrieve the USIs that have been generated for your clients. To do this, go to Utility > USI > Get create USI batch results.

  1. Select the batch that you want to download. Only batches which have not been previously processed will be shown.
  2. If you need to see a batch that you have already processed previously, tick this box to show processed batches in the list too.
  3. Click Download USIs.
    • The status column will change to green or red, depending on whether the USI has been successfully created or not.
    • For successful applications, the USI column will be populated with each student's USI. This will also be inserted into the client's record in VETtrak, and be visible in the Client Wizard.
  4. You can export the information in the grid as a spreadsheet file if required.

Once the Download USIs option has been processed, the USI will appear against the relevant Client.

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