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Portal preferences

Notifications tab

Within our VETtrak Portal Products, you can turn on the ability for Notifications to be automatically sent to particular staff members.


  • When students upload documents through the Student Portal, it is possible to have an email automatically sent to staff members related to the enrolment. Turn the Send Notification emails option on to enable this functionality.
  • Enter an email address that the notification will be sent from. This address must have the rights to send mail through the mail server setup in Email Preferences.  If your global preferences for email  setting is set to "Use individual staff memeber email logins" then choose from the "Staff member to send notification emails from" drop down instead of typing an email into the "Email address to send notification emails from" setting.  This will be auto populated from the drop down.
  • You can also decide which Staff Types, recorded against the Students enrolment, will be sent the notification. For example, in the above example - assuming an Administration officer, a Trainer, and a Supervisor are all allocated to the enrolment - only the Supervisor and Trainer would receive a notification stating that a new file had been uploaded.
  • When a trainer uploads a non-distributed file against and enrolled unit or task, the enrolled student will receive the notification in the Student Portal and optionally by email.

Settings tab

A global setting for portal idle session expiration is found under the Settings tab.  This setting controls the interval for when all portals timeout their idle sessions from being active, as well an opt-in option to allow Google Web Services to display online document viewing.


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