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Creating Classes in Bulk

If you intend to run many Classes over a period for your occurrence, you may wish to schedule them in bulk. You can add a single class by choosing Add class to occurrence, but to create several recurring classes, right click on the Classes heading within your Occurrence Details panel, and select Schedule classes using calendar:

The Class Calendar Wizard will be displayed:

  1. The Calendar Workspace allows you to view items that may already exist on a day when scheduling. You can also drag-select a time period that you wish for a Class to run for:
  2. Right-click within the Calendar to action creating a class or a recurring class.
  3. The Monthly Selection panel on the right hand side allow you to navigate to a particular day, or you can drag-select a particular time period to view those days all at once within this page:

Right-click and select New recurring class - the Edit class wizard will appear:

  1. The Class starts and finished on the same day box is ticked by default. Only untick it if you want to record a class that spans more than one day.
  2. The Start and Finish times will be automatically filled in with the times you selected in the calendar view.
  3. If required, enter an identifying code for the class.
  4. Associated an appropriate Staff member with this class.
  5. Select the venue where this class will take place, by assigning a Room.
  6. Enter a Capacity for this class, should it be required.
  7. Select a Class Type to clarify how the class will be delivered.
  8. Click the Recurrences button to set up the repeating classes.

To create a sequence of classes over a period, select the Recurrences button:

  1. Select how often you want the classes to recur, and the days it will take place on.
  2. The Start Date defaults to the date you have selected on the previous wizard, but can be changed if necessary.
  3. Either select the number of times you wish for these classes to take place, and the end date will be calculated automatically, or select the end date and the number of classes will be automatically calculated
  4. Click OK to return to the previous wizard.
  5. If you do not wish to create any recurring classes, press Remove Reccurrence to close this window.


The next part of the wizard will allow you to configure Class Breaks:

Add breaks to your class(es) by using the [+] Add button in the top right. Set a start and end time for your break. This Break time in your class will be deducted from the classes duration minutes if the Ded box on the right hand side is ticked.


The last page of the wizard provides a further option for adding students:

If you want to automatically add any Enrolled Clients to your newly created classes, tick the Add the clients in the occurrence to any new classes made checkbox.

A message screen will display if any classes you just created clash with the rooms or staff members for any other classes. If required, you can correct this by clicking Back, then right-click on one of the classes and select Edit series. Once all classes are correct, click Next again.


Duplicating Classes

Another option to create many classes, is right-clicking on a class and choosing Duplicate Class:

This will open the Duplicate Class Wizard:

  1. Set a Start Date for the new class(es).
  2. If you want additional copies of this class, press the [+] Add button.
  3. Set a unique code for the class(es) as you see fit.
  4. You can choose to add students to the new class(es), either copying the clients from the original class, all clients within the occurrence - or no clients at all, creating an empty class that may be managed later.
  5. Select what additional items of the original class you wish to copy - such as Notes/Units/Tasks/breaks.

Press Next and Finish to save these duplicated classes.

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