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Process: Recording Results for an Occurrence

To record results in the Programme Manager against units associated with an occurrence, you can right-click on the appropriate unit under the Units/Modules node and select Record Results:

This will display the Occurrence Results Wizard:

  1. Select the Result to be recorded. This result will then be applied to all client units that are selected (see item 4) 
  2. Set the Dates for the result.
  3. Select the Delivery Strategy.
  4. Tick the boxes next to the clients to receive this result. Clicking the Use heading will tick / untick all boxes.

    NOTE: If you have opened the wizard by right-clicking on the unit underneath the class, the list will only show students who are listed as being in that class.


The Finish page of the wizard will prompt some additional options:

  1. Record Award for clients will prompt another wizard to open when you press Finish, allowing you to create an Award for the people selected. An example of this being useful is if you are recording a final result, and then wish to create an award to represent the training having been completed.
  2. Repeat wizard (to record results for remaining clients) will cause the wizard to repeat itself, allowing you to record results for any client that may require a different result.

    For example, if you have 3 clients in total, and give the first 2 a Competent result, you can tick this box to repeat the wizard and record a Continuing result for the final Client.


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