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Trainer Portal 17.3.x release notes - 24/11/2017


Must be running VETtrak version 17.3.x.


Release notes - 24/11/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed buttons showing when security permissions are off.
  • Fixed document view permissions so that views are available if edit and create are off.
  • Fixed QA items bypassing some security

Release notes - 20/11/2017

Bug Fixes

  • External links missing the scheme (e.g. "https://") will no longer be treated as relative (the "http" scheme will be used when not specified)
  • Fixed unit result error introduced in last version.
  • Fixed validation messages for unit results

Release notes - 10/11/2017


  • Added quick clear button to bulk attendance view.
  • Training plan unit signatures now store against enrolled units with "- Training plan unit" appended to name.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Training plan persistence.
  • Fixed permissions for student attributes.
  • If QA is active but permissions for QA are off the user now gets a better error message.


Release notes - 6/11/2017


  • Support for IE11 added.
  • Added linked unit display for linked enrolment units.
  • Added "include inactive" to my students page only students with active enrolments show by default.
  • Error/Permissions modals now have close buttons.
  • Employer events now use the same record signature method as everywhere else.
  • Added student skills view and modal to student page.
  • Added ability for multiple recipients from a new direct message modal.
  • Employer events are now expandable to show linked client events.
  • Global email preference for Forced from address observed in send client email.

Bug Fixes

  • If portal minor version and major version do not match VETtraks an exception will be thrown with the correct message.
  • Signatures correctly label names again.
  • Classes on the end of month would show in schedule calendar view but not schedule class tab
  • Fixed validation for unit results from NSW that can take an empty result type.

Release notes - 20/10/2017


  • Added my students page which shows students that the trainer has access to.
  • Added link back to unit/task from view files page.

Bug fixes

  • Enhanced validation for unit results


Release notes - 13/10/2017

Cross Portal Messaging

  • Added the ability for trainers to send a direct message to students*.
  • Added the ability for trainers to send a class message*. 
  • Added the ability for trainers to send single messages via class*.
  • Added the ability for trainers to direct message other trainers using the portal.
  • Added received messages to notifications system (user configurable).
  • New messages page, showing received, sent and archived messages.
  • Direct messages sent to via logged in trainer are visible on the students page.
  • For further information on feature, view the Sending Portal Messages from the Trainer Portal.


  • Added class code to dashboard classes.
  • Added attribute description and new modal popup.
  • Changed login screen to match other VETtrak portal products.
  • Search now looks at first name, last name and code.
  • Added Document Database available to about page for troubleshooting.
  • Updated VETtrak version to show relevant data and added metadata version for troubleshooting.

Bug fixes

  • Student with no access page causing Javascript not to load.


Important Information


* requires organisation to be using the VETtrak Student Portal.

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