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Progress Portal 17.3.x release notes - 01/12/2017


Must be running VETtrak version 17.3.x.

Updated version of the Progress Portal.

Release notes - 01/12/2017

Bug Fix

  • Fixed scaling of logos for themed versions on login screen.
  • Fixed date calculation for multiple entities.

Release notes - 30/11/2017


  • Addition of Training schedule with Unit information where relevant.
  • Addition of an attendance exception report for trainees.
  • Addition of upcoming classes report for trainees.

User Interface Modification

  • reduced page size to 12 rows and removed top paging selector to prevent need for scrolling on full screen views.

Bug Fix

  • removed duplicate employers in drop down employer selector.
  • incorrect percentage completion value when no units present on an enrolment.
  • correction to trainee list manager field population.

Release notes - 13/10/2017


  • Added sorting to calculated columns.

Release notes - 13/10/2017 Initial release

Initial release of the Progress Portal. See Progress Portal Overview.


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