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Setting up Unique Student Identifier (USI) features in VETtrak

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is mandatory for all students studying nationally recognised (accredited) training, where no exemption exists. This article serves to explain the requirements to have USI functionality set up to work within your VETtrak system

In order to have access to USI tools in your VETtrak system, you will need to be on VETtrak version or later. To check your VETtrak version, go to the Help menu and select About.

To access VETtrak USI functionality, you will require to complete the following:

  • Register for USI Web Services
  • Configure your Device AUSkey information in VETtrak


Register for USI Web Services

In order to perform USI related tasks within the VETtrak system, you will first need to register your RTO on the USI Taskforce Website. This is accessed via the following URL:

On this website, you will need to select the following option to specify that you are a Training Body that wishes to perform USI related tasks.

From here, you are looking to complete an item known as the USI System Access Request Form. This is a form that adds your Registered Training Organisation to the list of approved bodies that can perform USI related tasks. It will ask relevant questions regarding your organisation, as well as confirm contact information. 

This form can be accessed in the following location: Set up access to the USI Registry System

You are looking for a button like the following:

As you complete this form, you will be asked the following question - 'How will you connect to the USI Registry System'

It is important that you specify 'Use a Student Management System (Web Services)' or 'Both of the above' as your answer. This communicates that you intend to have VETtrak speak directly to the USI website, allowing VETtrak's internal USI features to work.

Upon submitting this form, the USI Registry System will complete your system access, and you will receive an email when your access is ready. You will then be able to configure the rest of the required details for VETtrak.


Configure your Device AUSkey information in VETtrak

In order to start using the USI web services, you will be required to retrieve a Device AUSkey from the Australian Business Register website, accessed via the following URL: 

You will then need to configure VETtrak to start utilising the AUSKey. This process to achieve both these requirements are detailed in the following articles:



With these steps complete, VETtrak will be able to utilise full USI functionality provided to your organisation.

For more information on the USI services provided within VETtrak and how to start using them, please see our Unique Student Identifier (USI) Overview article.


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