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Process: Creating a Unit/Module Only Enrolment

At times you may require to enrol a student into learning that does not link to a Qualification or a Course, and instead is purely an enrolment that references units or modules. This can be useful for tracking single unit enrolments such as First Aid or Responsible Service of Alcohol.


You can enrol someone into a Unit of Competency only enrolment by first ensuring that nothing is selected on the first page of the Enrolment wizard, in the following area:

This is not a mandatory field, and will immediately ensure the enrolment recognises it is not to be associated with a Full Course or Qualification.


On the second page, you can select your Unit as you intend to use:


On the next page, you can then see that the Enrolment has automatically configured itself to be a Unit of Competency only Enrolment.


You can then fill out your details as you normally would (Such as Delivery Type, Funding Source, Concession, etc) with the confidence that this Enrolment is configured correctly for a Unit or Module only enrolment.

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    Emma Rosier

    Are these standalone units to be 'reported to NCVER' if FFS?

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    Ash Wayling

    Hi Emma! In most cases, FFS units are reported to NCVER as they do not collect any state funding - however, *some* states are happy to receive the information within a state upload, as they will simply forward the information on to NCVER as part of your Total VET obligations.

    Hope this makes sense - If in doubt, check with your State body and clarify if they accept FFS information. :)

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