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AVETMISS Reporting - Enforce End of Year Validation

Registered Training Organisations are required to do a Final Submission each year of their AVETMISS data. This final submission will differ from general uploads performed during the year, as it will need to report finalised data and no longer reflects any incomplete information for the reported year.

To assist with this, VETtrak's AVETMISS Generation wizard has a tickbox option to Enforce end of year validation which is automatically toggled on after the 1st of December:


What does it do?

The box activates additional validation rules for your AVETMISS data that can cause errors to appear in an AVETMISS generation where you may not anticipate errors. For example:

With the 'Enforce End of Year Validation Box' Un-ticked:

With the 'Enforce End of Year Validation Box' ticked:

These errors often are often regarding Unit Activity and 'Incomplete' (Outcome 90 - Continuing/Not Yet Available) Results. Using the above example, you may get a message like the following:

'This Unit/Module has a continuing result but the finish date is in the current year'

To fix these errors: 

As you are submitting a set of data for the current year, it is expected that any Units that currently do not have a finalised result will need to be amended in one of the following ways:

  • Have the Unit Result amended to reflect a final outcome for the current year (whether the unit was completed or not)
  • Update the Unit Finish Date to communicate it will be Continuing into the next calendar year


What if I am not yet ready to do my Final Submission?

If you are not yet performing your Final AVETMISS generation, you are free to uncheck the Enforce end of year validation box. Doing this will relax the validation and those errors will no longer appear - and no longer stop you from exporting your files.

Just be aware that when it is time to perform your final submission, any errors present when ticking Enforce end of year validation will require to be fixed prior to exporting your NAT files.

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