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Setting up the Result Transfer Plugin for Moodle

This article will guide you through installing the Resulting Plugin as a Moodle Administrator. Please ensure you have access (either FTP or local files) to the files where your Moddle is installed.


IMPORTANT: This plugin requires the VETtrak Authentication Plugin for Moodle. Please ensure that this plugin is installed first.


Obtaining the plugin

The VETtrak Resulting Plugin for Moodle ZIP file can be found on the Downloads page of the VETtrak Support Centre:
(You must be logged in to access this page.)


Installing the plugin

You will need to have access to the server where Moodle is installed, and extract the contents of (a folder titled "vettrak") to the "local" folder in your Moodle directory.


Activating the plugin

Log in to Moodle as an administrator, then head to the dashboard. Moodle will prompt you to update your database to include the new plugin.  Accept all of the options presented to you, and the rest of the process is taken care of automatically.


For more information about plugin installation and activation, please see the official Moodle documentation for this version at:


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