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Mapping Course Activities with the Result Transfer Plugin for Moodle

If you are not already logged in to your Moodle as an administrator, please do so now.


NOTE: To use this plugin, the course(s) to which you want to add resulting must include activities.



  1. Choose Site Administration.
  2. Select Courses.
  3. Click Manage courses and categories.

From the Courses and category management view, identify the course from the list:


  1. Click the course link to show more details for the course.
  2. Check that a valid VETtrak Occurrence ID for the course is entered as the Course ID Number. If not, click Edit and enter one as per the instructions for Mapping a Moodle Course to a VETtrak Occurrence.
  3. Click the View link.

This will show the course contents:


  1. Click the settings cog to the right of the course name.
  2. Select VETtrak Settings from the menu.


  1. Browse the topics to map units or tasks to each of the applicable activities.
  2. Click Save changes.


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