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Process: Recording an Award in VETtrak

VETtrak has the ability to create Awards to represent different levels of completed Enrolment training. Awards make use of Award Types to differentiate particular levels of accomplishment, such a Statements of Attainment or Certificates

The Award Wizard can be accessed in several ways to record an award for either an individual or in bulk, depending on how it is accessed. The most commonly used methods include:

  • Within the Client ManagerRight-click on a specific contract enrolment, non-contract enrolment or occurrence enrolment, and select Record Award. If you select this method, much of the information required will already be filled in for you when the wizard opens.
  • Within the Client ManagerRight-click on the Awards tree for the selected client and select Add award. If you select this method, all information required will need to be manually filled in.
  • Within the Programme ManagerRight-click on the Enrolments heading, and select Award clients. If you select this method, The wizard will allow you to customise the Students intended to receive an award as part of the normal award process.
  • Within the Programme ManagerRight-click on a specific occurrence enrolment, and select Record Award. If you select this method, much of the information required will already be filled in for you when the wizard opens. This will create an award for an individual within the Occurrence.
NOTE: In many areas of VETtrak, any manager that displays Enrolments is likely able to utilitise the Right-click -> Record Award option for creating an Award.


Creating an Award

After selecting to process an Award, the Award Wizard will appear:

NOTE: Depending on how you selected to create your Award, some of the fields in the wizard may be automatically filled out based on the Students' Enrolment. 
  1. Select the Location for the Award. This is mandatory.
    NOTE: The Location dropdown will initially only load locations in the state which you have set at the top of your screen. If you need to create an award in a different state, click the Load all button to make all locations available for selection.
  2. Select the Award Type. These are set up in the Configuration Manager.
    NOTE: If you are creating a Statement of Attainment award for a Non-VET Course, you will need to set your reportability option to Do Not Report This Award
  3. Choose the Qualification being awarded, or click the Show courses in list tickbox if your award relates to a course. This field is required unless the award type has been specified in the Configuration Manager as not requiring a qualification or course.
  4. If you have unticked the Auto box above, enter the number of the award being issued.
  5. Tick this box if you want VETtrak to number the award automatically. The number used will be unique.
  6. Click the  button to view a table of previously recorded awards. If you are allocating your own parchment numbers, this will help you choose the appropriate number for this award. This Award Register can be sorted by clicking on a column heading, and is also available from the Utility menu.
  7. Enter the date the award is recorded. Today is set by default.
  8. Enter the date when the training which resulted in the award was considered completed.
    NOTE: AVETMISS rules dictate this field is not to be defaulted and must be entered manually.
  9. Indicate if the award should be collected and reported in your State or National AVETMISS data.
  10. Indicate if the award is considered Issued.
  11. Enter the date the award was Issued. Today is entered by default upon ticking the Issue box.
  12. You can enter a link to a document here if, for example, you want to include a copy of the certificate itself in a soft-copy format.
  13. There are several tabs available for additional information, should you require:
    • If your organisation is based in South Australia or Western Australia, indicate if the award should be reported in your CQR export.
    • A Description section is available if you want to record any extra notes relating to this award.
  14. If this award is a licence, enter a License Number (if applicable).
  15. If an expiry period has been specified for this qualification, the expiry date will automatically be calculated and entered here.

Pressing Next will display a Unit Selection window (when applicable):

Customise the units linked to this award by ticking/un-ticking the Use checkbox. You can further customise the unit list at a later time should you require by using the Link and Unlink units functionality.

Press Next and Finish for the award to be created.

The newly created award can be viewed or modified within the Client Manager by looking up the student and expanding the Awards heading:

You can interact with the Award in a number of ways by right-clicking the particular award:


  1. Edit Award allows you to amend the recorded details, or add additional information
  2. Show Award will allow you to display an Award Report if you have had one created via the Self-Service Reports Manager or our Custom Report service, provided it has been successfully mapped.
  3. Email Award will allow you to send the saved Award Report output to either the client, or other party of your choosing.
  4. Link Enrolments will display Client Enrolments that can be associated with this Award.
  5. Delete Award will remove the Award from your VETtrak database.


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    Marilyn Smith

    I have a course that has 360hrs recorded for a certificate to be awarded, the trainer has stated the course was completed in 5 days, the certificate was awarded, but it would not let me print it, it came up blank. Is this because the course start and end dates did not total 360 hours?

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