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API Change Log - Version 1.16.0.X for VETtrak 18.1.X

Version for VETtrak 18.1.0 - 22/01/2018

Fixed a bug in restricted functions IsEnrolmentComplete, GetUnitsForEnrolment, GetUnitsForEnrolmentIncludingLinked, GetEnrolledTasksForEnrolment, GetEnrolledTasksForEnrolledUnit, GetEnrolledUnitsForEnrolledTask and GetUnitsForContract that would cause them to throw a SOAP fault if you specified an enrolment ID or contract ID that did not belong to a client. Now, if you call these functions with an enrolment ID or contract ID that does not belong to a client, they will work normally if the user has access to a role in the "API VETtrak" application, otherwise they will return an InsufficientAccess error.

Fixed an error that occurs when using PositionCode or PositionName fields in the EmployerContact entity with QueryAdditionalData.

Version for VETtrak 18.1.0 - 3/01/2018

To better protect access to VETtrak data, security rules across the entire API have been tightened. This will likely impact applications using the API. For details, refer to the VETtrak API Security Changes for VETtrak 18.1 article.

Modify functions

  1. AddAward: Added optional issuedDate parameter. If null, and issued is true, it defaults to either today's date or the date completed, whichever is later. Changes have also been made to allow yearCompleted parameter to dateCompleted. This is a breaking change. The dateCompleted is not defaulted, and is mandatory when recording a certificate-type award for a reportable enrolment. It cannot be after the recordedDate. parchmentNumber is now up to 25 characters long.
  2. ProcessWebEnrolment, AddLMSClientEnrolmentToOccurrence: If enrolling into an occurrence that contains "loose" tasks (those not linked to any units in the occurrence), those "loose" tasks will be added to the new enrolment, regardless of which units are included in the enrolment.

Modify classes

  1. TQucl
    1. Added fields
      1. IssuedDate: The date the award was issued to the client.

Additional data field changes

These changes affect the QueryAdditionalData, GetAdditionalDataFieldsForEntity, GetAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateClientAdditionalFields and UpdateEmployerAdditionalFields functions.

New fields

  1. Award
    1. IssuedDate: The date the award was issued to the client.
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