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VETenrol Release Notes - January 2018

New features



  • AVETMISS 8 changes.
  • VETenrol now supports the Auto-process Web Reservations publish option for occurrences in VETtrak
  • The Enquiries page has additional filter options and the table includes in which programme(s) users have indicated interest.
  • Payment Settings have been separated from General Settings and into their own page.
  • The Terms & Conditions section has been moved from General Settings to Agreements.
  • Validation has been added for QLD LUI
  • The print layout when printing registration details from the VETenrol Admin has been improved.
  • Removed the question at the Identity Step: Are you a New Zealand Citizen? This choice is now supported by the Citizenship Status question. Subsequently, the Registration Setting: Skip New Zealand question has also been removed.
  • LLNs can now have introductory text, and questions can be moved up/down to control the ordering within the LLN.
  • Summary Report can now be filtered by Occurrence Date Range.
  • Registration Alert email attachment (received by RTO when email alerts are enabled) now includes payment method.
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