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Process: Creating/Using Unit Clusters

This functionality has been implemented in the VETtrak 2018 version release (Version: 18.1)

Unit Clusters provide a way of grouping Units within a Qualification. They can be used for defining specific groups of units as part of a students training, especially if you need to define particular stages of training that need to be completed. They can be created and managed however you need, specifically being utilised in both particular areas of VETtrak or on VETtrak reports.


Creating a Unit Cluster

You can create a new Unit Cluster within the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menus, or click the icon on the toolbar. Within this area, right-click on Unit Clusters and choose Add new Unit Cluster:

This will open the Unit Cluster Wizard:

  • Enter a Unit Cluster name.
  • Optionally, enter a Code to identify the Unit Cluster.
  • Dictate if this Unit Cluster is categorised as Core or Elective
  • This Unit Cluster is a default will automatically select this unit cluster when creating new qualifications.
  • This Unit Cluster is inactive will archive this unit cluster, making it unavailable for use.
  • Optionally, provide a Description for the Unit Cluster.
  • Click Next and then Finish.

You can also create a Unit Cluster on the fly while adding/editing a Qualification by pressing the Handy Button on the Unit Cluster management screen of the Qualification Wizard - This will open the same wizard as detailed above, and requires the same information be entered:



Adding Clusters to a Qualification

In the Qualification Manager, locate the Qualification you wish to utilise particular Unit Clusters for, and right-click to select Edit Qualification:

In the wizard that appears, press Next until you reach the Select Unit Clusters section:

Within here, tick the Use box for any Unit Cluster that you wish to be utilised within this Qualification.

If a Unit Cluster currently has units assigned to it, you will be unable to deselect the Unit Cluster from this area. 

Press Next and Finish to apply these Unit Clusters.

The Unit Clusters will now appear under the Qualification in the Qualification Manager:


Adding Units to Clusters

In the Qualification Manager, locate the Qualification you wish to utilise

Expand Units in Package or use the Unit Search to find the relevant units.

  • To search, type the first few characters of the unit code, OR
  • Tick the checkbox to expand the qual tree and identify the unit this way.

Drag and drop the unit(s) onto the relevant Unit Cluster:


If you want to select multiple units, hold the CTRL key while left-clicking each unit, or hold SHIFT to select a range of units.

This will associate the Units with the appropriate cluster. You can then select these Units via the cluster at the time of Student Enrolment:


Moving Units Between Clusters

You can move individual Units between clusters by click+dragging them from one cluster to another, however there is also a tool that will allow you to move all units within a cluster to another cluster should you require.

Right-click on the Unit Cluster that you wish to move the units from, and select Move All Cluster Units:

In the wizette that appears, select the Unit Cluster that you wish to move the units to, in the Move To selection:

This will move all the units to the selected Unit Cluster:

This functionality can be useful if you are making some fairly drastic changes to the structure of your Clusters.

You can Remove a cluster entirely by right-clicking and selecting the Remove cluster option:

A message will display, explaining that all Units will be removed should you continue:


Using Clusters within Student Enrolments

Using Clusters gives you a range of new ways to manage the units within a student enrolment.


Adding Units to an Enrolment:

When selecting to Add Units to an enrolment, either at creation or at a later date, you can use Clusters to streamline the process:

Use the Add units options in the top right hand side to select either specific clusters, or groups of clusters.


Selecting Unit Clusters within a Training Plan:

You can toggle a units cluster within a students Training Plan:

Use the Cluster drop down to make your selection:


Selecting Unit Clusters when Recording Results:

You can toggle a units cluster when recording Results for a student:

Click  to show/hide the Cluster column, and use the drop down to make your selection:

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