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Bulk Sending Awards via the Data Insights Manager

The ability to bulk send award reports via email is facilitated via the Data Insights Manager.

If you were to create a query to display a list of people with a particular Award Type, you can then choose to email that list of people with the award report being generated as a PDF for each.

An example query would be comprised like so:​

​This will return a list of people with Awards recorded within the selected period. You can also make use of VETtrak data fields such as Occurrence ID with the Query criteria  section to better reflect a group of people awarded as part of an Occurrence.

From the results of this query, you can then choose to run a report:

On this following screen, I can then choose to run the award report I require - in this example, we have selected Statement (award) report, and then selected the Report output to be Email.

Pressing Finish will then prompt you to either utilise an email merge template or pen your own email body based off what you prefer.

Processing this email to be sent will result in each client to receive the award as specified, directly to the email entered for them in the Client Personal Wizard.



Some additional notes regarding running Certificate and Statement Reports:

Using the Award base entity, you are able to run Certificate and Statement reports for a selection of award records. There are a couple of extra conditions to this:

  1. The list of selected awards must be the same award type. You can’t have a mixture of Certificates and Statements in the query selection as you can only select one report to run.
  2. If you have a list of all Statements or all Certificates, you will only be allowed to select the mapped reports that are for that award type. This is to prevent you from printing Certificate reports for Statement awards and vice-versa.
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