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VTDocs API Details

VTDocs API Details is a section of the General Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.


These details enable VETenrol to connect to VTDocs.

  • The API URL, Username and Password must be entered.
    • The API URL is the address to your VTDocs with /api/ appended. Eg.
    • Username and Password are of the user assigned to this role during the VTDocs integration process.
    • Test API Connection should be clicked to test the entered credentials with VTDocs. It will display a token in a new tab, or an error message if unsuccessful.
  • Click the Save button on the page to commit these details.
  • Click the Fetch File Types button.
  • Choose Web Enrolment Docs (or another document type to use from the list) from the File Type ID drop-down menu.
    NOTE: Select Trainer Portal Upload if you want documents to be available from the Trainer Portal.
  • Click the Save button for the page again.


NOTE: The VTDocs integration is only available to clients hosting their VETtrak database with VETtrak Pty Ltd.


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