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NSW: Provider Calculator Results Export

Rather than applying for Commitment IDs for each of your enrolments individually, it is possible to generate a spreadsheet file from VETtrak which you can submit to the government to obtain Commitment IDs for all those enrolments at once.

To create a batch, go to Utility > NSW claims > Provider calculator export.


  1. Click Search for enrolments to export.
  2. If necessary, you can click the buttons here to edit any of the enrolment or client details.
  3. Tick the enrolments you want to include in the batch, or click the Use heading to select them all.
  4. Click Create export spread sheet.

You can then submit the generated spreadsheet file to the government, who will return another spreadsheet for you to download, containing the Commitment IDs for the enrolments.

This can then be imported via the NSW: Provider Calculator Results Import option.



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