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Payment Reconciliation

This report provides a list of registrations based on payment type.


Details include:

  1. Filters.
    • The 'Start' and 'End' fields are used to filter the results by date range. Clicking either field will display a calendar showing the current month, but it is also possible to manually enter the desired date using d/m/yy format.
      • Leave 'Start' blank to include all available data however old.
      • Leave 'End' blank to include all data up to the current date.
    • The 'Payment Type' drop-down menu can filter registrations to a specific payment type.
    • 'Refresh' is used to apply the current date filter(s).
  2. 'Export' button — Saves the data displayed as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
  3. Results.
    Some details are provided for each registration matching the filters.


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