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Process: Transfer an Occurrence Enrolment (inc. Payments)

There may be a situation where a student has enrolled to complete training via a particular Occurrence, but their situation changes and they require to move to another occurrence within your VETtrak. There is a short list of processes that need to correctly performed to ensure that all information is migrated correctly.


Transferring an Occurrence Enrolment

Here is an example of an Occurrence Enrolment, that has had an Invoice created - this invoice has had a payment processed for $100.00 - this amount will need to be migrated during the process.

To begin the process of transferring the enrolment, right click on the students Enrolment and select the Transfer enrolment option:

If the student has results recorded, you will receive a message stating the following: 

Results can not be transferred. You will need to remove the existing results in order to proceed.

If you require to re-enter the results once the transfer is completed, you can run and save an Enrolment Report for the client prior to transferring them to have an on-hand record of what was previously entered.

This will open the Transfer Enrolment Wizard. This displays a list of valid future dated occurrences that can be selected to move the Student to. 

  • Filter the available Occurrences using the Date Range options
  • The Transfer Date will mark the official date the student is considered transferred, and can be used to remove the student from any future scheduled classes they are enrolled in from the current occurrence.
  • Select the Occurrence you wish to transfer the student to from the generated list.

Once you have finalised the details in this area, press next and finish to progress.


The new enrolment will now appear in the new occurrence and will not have an invoice.

A new invoice will need to be created to apply the holding amounts to, to do this, right click and select Auto create invoice.

The new invoice will show under the 'Invoices' tree.

You can now apply the holding amounts to this new invoice by right-clicking the invoice selecting Record payment.

The following message should display to indicate the Holding amount:

Within the payment wizard click the Holding button and choose the holding entry to apply to this invoice.

Completing the wizard will apply the payment amount to the invoice.

This will then show the new enrolment and new invoice with the payments from the Holding account applied.

With this completed, the enrolment (including pricing amounts) have been fully transferred - You can now manage the enrolment as you normally would.

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